Quality Management Representative (QMR):

·      First duty is to act as an Internal Auditor and ensure that the Quality Management System (QMS) is being followed to maintain ISO9001:2008 certification.

·      Annually perform Internal Audits of all projects and select corporate departments (IT, Equip., Purchasing/Estimating, Marketing, Accounting, and HR) as it relates to the QMS in preparation for the annual external surveillance by a third party.

·      Quarterly, ensure that all the projects and select corporate departments and the Board of Directors are having Management Review Meetings and documenting minutes of same.

·      Constantly seeking to improve the company via the QMS.

·      Document, Maintain, and Implement an Effective QMS.

·      Issue Non-Compliance Notices (NCN) as it relates to the QMS.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager (QA/QC Manager).

·      First, the owners assure quality while the contractor controls quality (some exceptions occur in the civil world). As such, the title should be Corporate QC Manager (CQCM).

·      The CQCM oversees all the project specific Quality Control reps. Some projects have a contractually obligated person while others may have just a designee or a QC Technician.

·      The CQCM must be technically sound and have management skills as well as excellent communication skills. An engineering degree is desirable.

·      The CQCM issues Non-Compliance Notices (NCN) to subcontractors and follows it through to the closing process including corrective actions, preventive actions, and the root cause analysis.

·      The CQCM tracks, researches and replies to any NCN’s issued by Owners.

·      The CQCM enforces the Quality Standards in the specifications of a particular project and in the company’s Quality Manual (QM) and or the subs QM.

·      The CQCM assists in the tracking and recording of re-work and reports it via a Quality Scorecard along with all associated costs.

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