"I took your BCN 4794 Quality Control in Construction class close to two years ago. Since that, I recently graduated in August of 2021 with my bachelors in Construction Management and currently living back home in Tampa. During my time in your class you had just released #ThePurpleSquirrel Speaks, and I bought it. It wasn't until this past weekend that I took time to read the entirety of the book within 3 hours. I enjoyed everything about it. Your history and background, your upcoming in the construction field, and the insight/tips to being the best you can be in the industry. I just wanted to reach out to you as a former student to thank you for writing something so insightful to someone like me who is brand new in the field."
Ysabella G.
Former Student
"Thank you for your help with the Career Programming event. The event turned out great and we couldn't have done it without your participation. The "Nail the Job" Interview presentation was well done and I personally loved how it focused on both the in person/online aspects of interviewing. Thanks a ton for helping us out again and I look forward to having you in future events if possible."
David Navarrete
President, SHPE FAU
"Thanks for the great webinar on online job finding. I derived great value from it."
Moises Armas
Attendee, Zoom Webinar
"We are glad to have professor Jaramillo in our Team."
Maribel De Paz
Miami-Dade College
"Great course (General Construction Estimating) and great professor!"
Eduardo Sam
Student, MDC
"Thank you so, so much, once again, for taking time from your busy schedule, and under these unprecedented times, to talk virtually to our third cohort of UP Labs learners. Thank you also for being part of the program and contributing to making a difference in the lives of the UP Labs learners."
Mili Maldonado
FIU. Manager, Continuing Education
"Hello Eugenio, I wanted to say thank you for the advice you gave me about joining Toastmasters back at SHPE RLDC 7. I finally did it and was attending frequently before the pandemic hit! I'd love for more students to get to know your story. I hope this will inspire many to start improving upon some skills during the quarantine and ready to apply them after."
Miguel Angel Cuen
SHPE National Board Member