Dear Colleagues:

I have been mentoring and coaching a young man for the past 16 years that I met at the construction company that I worked for 25 years. We have become great friends and we talk almost everyday. I listen to him and give advice on life and business. I call myself #ThePurpleSquirrel, it is a term used by employment recruiters to describe a job candidate with precisely the right education, set of experience, and range of qualifications that perfectly fits a job’s requirements. The implication is that over-specification of the requirements makes a perfect candidate as hard to find as a purple squirrel. I’m a hard to find coach with 63 years of unique life experience. It’s been 38 years since I graduated from USF with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After college, I worked as a Member of the Technical Staff for a Computer Manufacturer in Sunrise, Florida. I got bored and started a Real Estate Development company with my father. I earned my MBA from UM in two and a quarter years of Saturdays while acting as the President of the RE firm. When the bottom fellow out of the RE Market due to some thieves creating the Savings & Loan crisis I sold knives and taught others how to do the same. In life it’s not what you know but who you know. We knew the family that was starting Checkers in Clearwater, Florida. We purchased the territory rights to SW Miami-Dade county and brought the first Checker’s Franchise to Miami on Bird Road and SW 107 Avenue. Whilst developing a large tract of land in Cutler Bay I reconnected with some friends from the high school days. They built four shells for me. When I closed the RE firm and sold the franchise they offered me a job. I quickly moved up the ranks and became their first Director of Aviation Construction. During that time, due to health issues, I turned to acupuncture and yoga. I became a Yoga Instructor at LA Fitness and other studios in SoFla. I was given the opportunity to become an Adjunct Professor at FIU in the Construction Management Department off the Engineering College. I did the same at Miami-Dade College in their Continuing Education Program. In just 39 months I earned the Distinguished Toastmaster designation. During my first retirement I owned and operated an Art Gallery in Doral and created the Doral Art District. I had a studio there too where I created over 250 pieces of art. I also own part of a Registered Investment Advisory. I tell you all of this to note that I’m a Renaissance Man with a ton of varied experiences including three marriages and two divorces which yielded my greatest gifts, my four children. I’m a father and a grandfather too.

I write the above background so that you have the confidence to call on me for advice. I’ll listen to you for the first hour for free. Please email me at with your phone number and best time to call for a FREE one-hour session.

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